Byron López



I believe in trust and honesty as core values of positive and long lasting relationships



I take my job and my clients seriously and will deliver a professional experience



Your satisfaction and happiness is what makes my day so I will work hard for you



I love my job and it shows. My positive attitude and enthusiasm are contagious


Your interests come first and I will work FOR you



My advice and service goes beyond Real Estate and will cover daily living in the SWFL area.

was born in Guatemala, Central America, where he learned to read and write Spanish. When he was 10 years, he moved to Miami, Florida where he attended and graduated from Miami Beach Senior High School. After graduating, Byron enlisted in the Marines branch of the military and became one of THE FEW, THE PROUD A MARINE.  He was discharged with honors after three years of service. The discipline that he acquired while serving this beautiful Land of Liberty greatly influenced most of his life, and especially in his career in sales, as well as his work in the broadcasting industry. Byron is a great believer in community involvement and has been active with the community not only in Miami but in SWFL, as well. He currently serves as the Vice President of Public Relations on The Guatemala US Chamber of Commerce in Fort Myers.

He works with entrepreneurs from Central America who want to invest in the US and especially in the Real Estate Market. Byron’s group is currently conducting seminars for first time buyers and he is working closely with local lenders.  According to the U.S. Census, Hispanic population is booming in Southwest Florida” Collier’s Hispanic or Latino population increased 69 percent in the past decade, while Lee County’s Hispanic population increased 170 percent. Being that he is fluent in both English and Spanish, Byron Lopez is the perfect agent to assist you in your quest to find that perfect investment opportunity or that perfect first home.

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